We have prepared the following vendor terms of service in nice plain language so that you know what you are agreeing to when you use our site to sell.

Please be aware that by ticking any “I agree to terms” box on any website you are entering into a legal agreement to follow those terms. So PLEASE READ THESE it will not take long.

Working Relationship

Discount Kids.co.uk and its employees provide a market place to put vendors in touch with buyers. We of course will do everything possible to help you as a vendor with matters concerning use of our site and the listing and sale of products.

Responsibility For Transactions

Any sale conduced on Discount Kids.co.uk is a private sale between buyer and vendor we simply take a commission at the time of sale to pay for the use of our service. Discount Kids.co.uk and its staff WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES get involved with any dispute between a buyer and a vendor. We do however reserve the right to remove without notice the account of any vendor about whom we receive multiple complaints.

Listing Accuracy

It is the vendors responsibility to list and represent the items they sell in a truthful and accurate manner. This includes but is not limited to Descriptive text, photographs and condition of the item.


AT NO TIME are there to be any extra shipping, postage or packing costs added to the products you list here. We operate a “What you see is what you pay” policy for all customers of Discount Kids.co.uk. Therefore please calculate the cost of sending the item in advance and add that cost to what you want for the item to produce a simple “Buy it now” price.

We expect ALL vendors to state on their posts how quickly they will send the item and stick to that. We recommend that you ALWAYS send items tracked this way if a paypal dispute is raised against you you can prove an item was delivered.


Our fee structure is very simple. There are NO listing fees whatsoever we only charge 8% commission on items that are actually sold. Commissions are taken at the time of sale so you will have no bills to pay. Example a customer buys an item from you for £10 at checkout £9.20 will be paid to you and 80p directly to Discount Kids.


ALL refunds to customers will be the responsibility of the vendor. Fees collected by Discount Kids.co.uk will NOT be refunded. Before you start shouting that this is unfair our website costs thousands to run each month we charge you pennies only if you make money. If you do not sell an item we do not charge you but we still pay for the web space that held your item listing. Paypal also charges us fees using the example above on the 80p we collected paypal will take 33p. If we refund with you we have lost money on a private sale between you and another person obviously that will not happen.

Counterfeit Goods

We have a ZERO tolerance for illegal goods on Discount Kids. If we find any vendor illegally selling items on this site we will without notice suspend their vendor account and as stipulated by UK law we will fully disclose ALL the vendors details to the police or investigating authority.

Attempt To Take Direct Payment

If we find out that any vendor is trying to circumvent the Discount Kids checkout system and engaging in direct transaction with a buyer we will without notice remove the vendors account. We are just asking for basic honesty here we do not charge you at all to list your items please do not try to cheat us.


We have a ZERO tolerance for spam. If you send spam using our in house communication system, or advertise your shop on discount kids using any service provided by any party that is classed as spam your account will be removed.

These terms and conditions can be updated at any time so please check them regularly. We will inform members of our newsletter if these terms change.