We have prepared the following customer terms of  service in nice plain language so that you know what you are agreeing to when you use our site.


Please be aware that by ticking any “I agree to terms” box on any website you are entering into a legal agreement to follow those terms. So PLEASE READ THESE it will not take long.

Working Relationship

Discount Kids.co.uk and its employees provide a market place to put vendors in touch with buyers. We of course will do everything possible to help you use our website and we WILL accept complaints regarding vendors with a view to removing any vendor who receives consistent complaints.

Responsibility For Transactions

Any sale conduced on Discount Kids.co.uk is a private sale between buyer and vendor/seller we simply take a commission from THE VENDOR at the time of sale to pay for the use of our service.

Discount Kids.co.uk and its staff WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES get involved with any dispute between a buyer and a vendor  unless the product was purchased from Discount Kids Select which are our own products.

Paypal have a perfectly good buyer protection policy to protect you. We therefore recommend that you use the Discount Kids checkout system to make sure the transaction is logged by Paypal

Listing Accuracy

It is the vendors responsibility to list and represent the items they sell in a truthful and accurate manner. This includes but is not limited to Descriptive text, photographs and condition of the item. If you receive an item and you feel this was not the case please let us know.


AT NO TIME are there to be any extra shipping, postage or packing costs involved with buying any item on this site. If you see any please let us know immediately. We operate a “What you see is what you pay” policy for all customers of Discount Kids.co.uk. The vendors are told to show a single price including packing and delivery. We expect ALL vendors to state on their posts how quickly they will send the item and stick to their own timescale.


You may notice at checkout that you are paying more than one person. One payment to the seller of the item and another to Discount Kids. This is a fee we charge vendors when they sell an item on our site. It is taken from the vendors payment and IS NOT an extra charge paid by you. Example: You buy a child’s coat for £10 As you check out you will see something like this at paypal Joe Bloggs  £9.20 Discount K £0.80 Total £10.00 Notice that the total is just the £10 you agreed to pay for the item. The split is just us collecting our commission from the vendor as you check out to save our vendors worrying about paying bills each month.


ALL refunds to customers will be the responsibility of the person who sold you the item NOT discountkids.co.uk (Unless the item was purchased from Discount Kids Select . Please do not ask us for refunds for items purchased from other vendors, we do not have your money. Instead contact the seller by using the form on their shop on our site. If they are no longer using our site look at your paypal transacton in your paypal account the contact details for the vendor will be there.

Attempt To Offer Direct Payment

If a vendor (Seller) approaches you and asks you to send money directly to them using Paypal PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. Unlike many other market places we have no joining fees, no listing fees just a small fee if the seller actually sells an item. Please help us catch any cheaters.


We have a ZERO tolerance for spam. If you send spam using our in house communication system your account will be removed.   These terms and conditions can be updated at any time so please check them regularly. We will inform members of our newsletter if these terms change.


Please note that our customer terms of service are subject to change at any time, we will email all members of our newsletter with changes to terms should they arise.