There is no simpler way to buy kids clothes , shoes toys and other items than at discount kids. We have a very clear “What you see is what you pay” method of working here. ALL prices include postage and packing which keeps things really easy. Buying At Discount Kids

So Who Is Selling These Items?

Discount Kids is a kids stuff market place so you will be buying from both businesses selling new items and parents like yourself that are simply selling clothes that no longer fit their kids or other items that are no longer used.

We also offer the “Discount Kids Select” range which are both new and used items sourced by the Discount Kids team just for you.

Does That Mean I Have To Check Out Separately If I Buy Things From Multiple Sellers?

Of course not we would not mess you around like that. You simply browse the site add items from multiple sellers to your cart then go through one checkout. At payment time you will see a list of the people you are paying at Paypal. Each purchase is a separate transaction but you just pay for them all at once.

Are The Items New Or Second Hand?

In a word BOTH, Some of the businesses sell discounted new goods other vendors sell used items. We ask all vendors to state clearly on the listing the condition and whether an item is new or used.

What Happens If I Do Not Get My Item Or There Is A Problem?

Discount Kids uses Paypal to process all payments so by default you will be covered by the Paypal Buyer Protection policy. If you have an issue first contact the seller who will normally sort things out with you. If you are not satisfied you always have Paypal to sort out any dispute between you and the seller.

In case of any dispute you should also let us know. While we will not get involved in a private transaction between you and the vendor/seller we WILL cancel the account of any vendor who has repeated complaints made against them. This helps ensure that Discount Kids is packed with honest mums, dads and businesses that just want to help you save money.

On The Checkout Page I See Small Amounts Being Paid To Discount Kids Is This A Hidden Fee?

Of course not we don’t do sneaky here. That is simply us collecting our commission from the vendor at the time of your purchase. Here’s an example, you buy two items one for £10 and one for £5 as you check out you will see a list of people you are paying that will look like this

Blue Trousers Joe Blogs £9.20
Discount Kids                  £0.80
Red Tshirt Jane Doe        £4.60
Discount Kids                  £0.40

Total                                  £15.00

You will see that you bought two items for £15 and that is what you are paying. The amounts being paid to Discount Kids is coming from the vendors/sellers pocket not yours.

What If I Have Items I Would Like To Sell?

Not a problem just click the button below to find out more.

Selling At Discount Kids